Visual Poetry

I have synaesthesia, which means that I blend senses together. In my case it is colour and text, and sometimes sound and colour. My particular form is called grapheme synaesthesia. This is one reason why I enjoy playing around with text in smaller units than the word. Here are a few places where you can find my attempts at visual poetry & below the links, you will find recent work, which i post on my visual poetry blog.

latest visual poetry chapbook is "une semaine dans la vie de l'alphabet" published in Puddles of Sky Press'  "Illiterature, Issue 3: a journal of minimalist poetry"

In 2012, my visual poetry was published in the Last Vispo Anthology by Fantagraphics.

Gary Barwin included a talk and interview with me about my visual poetry in his Jacket2 feature, Languageye. 

Drunken Boat Issue 10
Synaesthesian Alphabet, by Amanda Earl
Amanda Earl at
Red, by Amanda Earl at

  • The Book of Ruth - Now available from Simulacrum Press
    Thanks to Sacha Archer of Simulacrum Press for publishing the Book of Ruth.

    You can order a copy here.

    Publications from the Vispo Bible include
    Mark, above/ground press, 2018, Ottawa, Ontario

    Esther, Puddles of Sky Press, 2017, Kingston, Ontario

    Revelation 20, No Press, 2017, Calgary, Alberta

    Leviticus XII, Penteract Press, 2017 UK

    with John forthcoming from the Blasted Tree, Calgary, Alberta; Romans from where is the river, Toronto, Ontario and Revelation from Timglaset Press, Sweden.

    Additional individual pieces have appeared in h&; our teeth, illiterature, Brave New Word (Ukraine), Dreamland Magazine, untethered,,  Chaudiere Books NPM 2018, and are forthcoming from a small magazine in Germany, and not your best visual poetry from knife fork book. 

    Revelation 19 and 20 will be exhibited as part of the Concrete is Pourous show in Toronto between November 3, 2018 and February 26, 2019 at the Secret Handshake Gallery, and will move to the Common Ground Gallery in Windsor afterward.

    If you'd like more information about the Vispo Bible, please read my essay The Vispo Bible: One Woman Recreates the Bible as Visual Poetry presented as part of Kanada Koncrete Material Poetries in the Digital Age, University of Ottawa, May 4-6, 2018. 

    I am currently working on Matthew from the New Testament.

    Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council 2018 Recommder Grant for Writers program for funding part of the creation of the Vispo Bible this year.

  • Eileen Tabios reviews the Book of Mark
  • The Vispo Bible - Numbers - completed
  • The Vispo Bible - artist's talk at Kanada Koncrete
  • The Vispo Bible: Book of Mark is now out with above/ground press