I'm up for anything these days & against any kind of prescriptive limit. The work itself determines what it will become, whether a long poem, prose poems, visual poems or form poems or poems that can't really be called poems at all. I wish to learn, to play & to explore & connect with others. 

Virtual poetry readings

Welcome to Upper Zygonia, a reading from an excerpt of my work in progress, sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets, February 28, 2021.

from the 19th floor - Sessions from the DreamHouse Aria, sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets with funding for the project by the Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grants Program and Recommendation by Coach House Books.

from the 19th floor, March 15, 2020 Periodicities Journal

from The Milk Creature and Mother Poetry, March 17, 2020 Distantia Remote Reading Series

Reading Gwendolyn MacEwen's the Red Bird You Wait For, March 20, 2020, For the Dead Poets Reading Series

Latest essays:

The Dyzgraphxst, Canisia Lubrin in Periodicities, a journal of poetry and poetics, April, 2020

Talking Poetics: From One Invisible Woman to Another on the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter blog.

Sandra Ridley, my poetic (m)other in ManyGenderedMothers.

Sentenced to Poetry: Fullness as Accumulation and Rebellion in the Prose Poem published by Flat Singles Press

Latest chapbooks:

En Fer, a long poem about a love affair (Ghost City Press, New York, August, 2020)

Lament: Doll (Ethel Zine & Micropress, Philadelphia, USA, 2020) [cover photo: Lucia - the Ottawa-Carleton County Home for Fractured Dolls and Other Broken Toys] 

Aftermath or Scenes of A Woman Convalescing (above/ground press, Ottawa, 2019).

Review by Jessica Drake-Thomas (February, 2020)

Romans (Where Is the River, Toronto, Ontario, 2018)

Revelation (Timglaset Editions, Sweden, 2018)

John 1, 2 and 3 (The Blasted Tree, Calgary, Alberta, 2018)

The Book of Ruth (Simulacrum Press, Hamilton, 2018)

The Book of Mark (above/ground press, Ottawa, 2018)

glowing review by Eileen R. Tabios in Galatea Resurrects 2018

"The Book of Esther" (Puddles of Sky Press, Kingston, 2017)

"wintered" (shreeking violet press, Ottawa, 2017)

"Lady Lazarus Redux" (above/ground press, Ottawa, 2017)

Greg Bem writes a lovely review of the chapbook on GoodReads.com

Michael Dennis writes a glowing review on Today's Book of Poetry.

"Electric Garden" (Tree Press, Ottawa, 2017)

"I Owe St. Hildegard The Light" (unarmed press, Minnesota, 2016)

"Queen Christina" (Ghost City Press, New York, June, 2016). Available here as a free or PWYC download. 

 "firstwalks of the year" was published in April, 2016 by In/Words Press out of Carleton University in Ottawa. Thanks to the In/Words editors & to the artist, Jess Aylsworth for her hand-made heart map of Ottawa & illustrations of some elements in the poems. thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for the funding & Hamilton Arts & Letters for recommending the work.

Available from Chaudiere Books: Kiki

Chris Turnbull's wondrous videopoem from my poem "until even now"

Interviews and poetic statements are here:

RED SKIES interview.  (December, 2020)

Cannot Predict Now: an interview series by Katy Telling (October, 2020)

The Art of Writing 35 in Talking About Strawberries All the Time (October, 2020)

Chaudiere Books: Six Questions (March, 2020)

Train Poetry Journal interview (January, 2020)

Blood Orange Tarot interview (January, 2020)

TPQ5 - my current favourite poetry books. (January, 2020)

The Power of Poetry #61 (29/08/2019)

The Wombwell Rainbow Interview (17/07/2019)

my (small press) writing day (15/09/2017)

An interview by Poetry Now in anticipation of Battle of the Bards (03/29/2017)

Chaudiere Books year in review features a few of my fav things, books, places, events from 2016.

Vallum Magazine's 2016 Year in Poetry Part 2 - i recommend a few writers, books & give advice on publishing outsiders.

rob mclennan interviews me about "After Vasko Popa," a series published in Touch the Donkey.

Volodymr Bilyk interviews me about my process & all kinds of things over on Zouch Magazine.

Poets Online Talking About Coffee, Queen Mob's Teahouse, Interview with Russell Bennetts

Amish Trivedi asks me about my workspace in Where Do You Write, My Lovely

We Who Are About To Die: Ian Whistle asks me some fine questions & an excerpt from Saint Ursula's Commonplace Book

Trial by Social Media, Little Brother and Thought Control - a statement of poetics, Evening Will Come, the Volta, Canadian feature curated by rob mclennan.

Emily Uruliak interviews me on CJSW 90.9 FM Writers' Block about Kiki

rob mclennan's Jacket2 notes on my poetry, including excerpts from Saint Ursula's Commonplace Book.

My interview with the Literary Press Group; includes an interview with my Chaudiere Books designer, Christine McNair

A short interview with rob mclennan about Kiki

Author Spotlight, Amanda Earl - Chaudiere Books

Amanda Earl - Poet, Writer, Visual Artist, a video interview by Liana Voia

Amanda Earl - On Paper with Lucy Morrissey (February 2013)

The Proust Questionnaire, with Amanda Earl

Q& A with Amanda Earl


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